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Still Lifes
Lemons and Limes series is an exploration of composition and color. My interest was in creating small, intimate paintings while exploring their placement and color in relationship to other colors.

Painted in oils, acrylic and sometimes combined. For the past two years I have been creating studio paintings for a series of paintings entitled Winter In Rhinebeck. These images explore feelings of isolation set against the backdrop of the beautiful colors of winter. This series was inspired by my first winter in Rhinebeck, New York. The completed series will also include figure paintings, monoprints and giclees. Prices for paintings in the drop-down menu include shipping but not NY sales tax.


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The Road to AmeniaThe Road to New PaltzCouple at the Mini-ParkCrystal LakeHudson RiverRoosevelt EntranceJim's StudioBy The Mini-Park

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