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Baby Blessings
by Deloris Jordan (Author),
James E. Ransome (Illustrator)

A prayer for the Day You are Born. Deloris Jordan, mother of Michael Jordan and James Ransome celebrate new life and family in this joyful book about the power of love.

ISBN: 978-1-4169-5362-3
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster

Baby Blessings
Young Pele: Soccer's First Star

Young Pele: Soccer's First Star
by Lesa Cline-Ransome & James Ransome

The inspiring story of how a poor Brazilian boy--who kicked rocks down roads and dribbled balls made from rags--went on to become the greatest soccer player of all time.

Starred Review, Booklist, September 1, 2007:
"With handsome oil paintings and a stirring story, this picture-book biography will first grab children with its action."
—Hazel Rochman

Sky Boys
by Deborah Hopkinson

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Empire State Building

Look--on the corner of Thirty-fourth Street and Fifth Avenue, something amazing is happening!  A building, straight and simple as a pencil, is being built in record time.

Travel back to Depression-era Manhattan and join a boy just your age as he watches the world's most famous building take miraculous shape before his eyes.

ISBN 0-375-83610-1
Random House

Sky Boys
What Lincoln Said What Lincoln Said
by Sarah L. Thomson (Author), James E. Ransome (Illustrator)

Award-winning author Sarah L. Thomson deftly integrates Abraham Lincoln's famous words into the narrative, revealing the inspiration and determination that led to his greatest achievements. Renowned illustrator James E. Ransome has created striking paintings that illuminate Lincoln's enthusiasms and passions from childhood through his adult life.

ISBN: 978-0060848194
Publisher: Harper Collins

Helen Keller: The World in Her Heart
by Lesa Cline-Ransome & James Ransome

For Helen Keller, w-a-t-e-r was a cool, slippery splash. S-u-n was the warm afternoon glow coating her skin.  L-i-l-y was a sweet-smelling petal, soft and  delicate to her touch.  This evocative portrait reminds us that there are many ways to experience the world through the senses--but the most important things in life are savored within the heart.

ISBN 978-0-06-057074-3
Publisher: Harper Collins

Helen Keller
"...Cline-Ransome is able to match the spirit of Keller's autobiographical writings. James Ransome cites John Singer Sargent as his inspiration for his bright, handsome paintings. An excellent, accessible introduction to a fascinating woman." Kathleen Kelly MacMillan, Carroll County Public Library, MD

This Is The Dream


This is the Dream
by Diane Z. Shore & Jessica Alexander

Through striking, powerful verse and gorgeous, detailed illustrations, "This is the Dream" catalogs the American experience, before, during, and after the civil rights movement.  Come along on this incredible journey, and see how far we've come in attaining freedom and justice for all.

ISBN 0-06-055519-X
Harper Collins

It is the Wind
by Ferida Wolff

What is the noise I hear,
that wakens me,
that shakens me,
the noise, I hear,
in the dark....

Lyrical prose and richly textured paintings invite young readers to come along and explore the magical world that opens up between dusk and dawn.

ISBN 0-06-028191-X
Harper Collins

Major Taylor, Champion Cyclist
Lesa Cline Ransome

How little Marshall Taylor, through dedication, talent and speed transformed himself into the extraordinary Major Taylor and won the world championship of bicycle racing in 1899.

ISBN 0-689-83159-5
An Anne Schwartz Book, published by Atheneum/Simon &Schuster 

A Pride of African Tales
by Donna L. Washington

This treasure trove of lavishly illustrated stories from different regions in Africa includes (among others)  stories about why there are monkeys, the dangers of judging by appearances, and the wisdom of keeping your mouth shut.  Each tale reflects the rhythms and cadences of the storyteller's muse.

ISBN 0-06-024929-3
Harper Collins

Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl
by Virginia Hamilton

Newbery Medalist Virginia Hamilton adds her own distinctive splash of fun to Bruh Rabbit's schemes. 

ISBN 0-590-47376-X
The Blue Sky Press 

Quilt Counting
Lesa Cline Ransome

A companion book to Quilt Alphabet by the same author.  Step inside and join the fun--count 1 to 10, and 10 to 1!

ISBN 1-58717-178-3
SeaStar Books

Visiting Day
by Jacqueline Woodson

"Only on Visiting Day do I get to tell Daddy everything that has happened over the month, while I sit in his lap and he pulls on my braids, smiling his big me-and-Grandma-have-been-gone-forever smile...." 

ISBN 0-590-40005-3
Scholastic Press 


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